About ME

   If you are looking for a real estate agent that will not only work hard for you, but build a relationship that helps find the perfect home or sell your property faster, look no further. My teaching and coaching background give me the ability to truly listen and help you with your real estate needs. Growing up and raising my family in the areas I service gives me great area knowledge, not only of the current market, but its history as well.
   I don't believe in pressure sales, and will never push any of my clients into a transaction they are not 100% sure they want to make. My approach is that of an advisor, helping my clients by answering questions honestly, and making sure they are treated with the care and respect they deserve. My goal with every client is to make their experience as stress-free and pleasant as possible. 
   If this is what you would like from your real estate agent, give me a call today to find out how I can help you.
Christopher Feist
Christopher Feist
(780) 916-9530
5306 50 St Suite 201 LeDuc AB T9E 6Z6
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